Basic FSX Controls

General Commands

Pause P

End Flight Esc

Display/Hide Menus Alt (Hold Down)

Kneeboard Shift+F10

Faster (Increase Throttle) F3

Slower (Decrease Throttle) F4

On the Ground

Parking Brake Apply/Release Ctrl+Period (.)

Brakes Apply/Release Period (.)

In the Air

Landing Gear Up/Down G

Retract Flaps Incrementally F6

Extend Flaps Incrementally F7

View Commands

Zoom In Equal Sign (=)

Zoom Out Hyphen (-)

Select Views F9-F12

Cycle View Categories S

Cycle Views within a Category A

Cycle 2-D Panel Views W

Mission Commands

Display/Hide Mission Compass and Pointer U

Cycle Mission Compass and Pointer K

Reset Mission Ctrl+Semicolon (;)

Save Mission Semicolon (;)

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